WMO Gadgets

WMO Gadgets

WMO Gadgets is a global brand. We have ensured that we combine a wealth of technical, academic and industrial knowledge of experts on our team to become a global standard solutions provider. Our protective products meets the highest NATO standards for defence and law enforcement personnel use.

Our research and development unit continues to develop fine innovated products and strive to keep ahead of the times. Our operations rely on the exploration of new ballistic technologies and materials ensuring that performance and safety of lives are our highest priority.

The passion for personnel safety drives the mission of WMO Gadgets. We are committed to the safety of military, law enforcement as well as special-duty men and women across the world by providing innovative and best-in-class safety solutions.

By using our safety wears and gadgets, our customers place the lives of people who are on important tasks in our hands. In return, it is the trust that comes with our quality service and standard products that brings the story of continued success and defence of human bodily dignity during missions.

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